Our Team

 Lori Allen

 Brent Patrick

 Melissa McCadden 

Sonya Lowe 

 Chief Executive Officer    

 Chief Operations Officer   Chief Financial Officer  Program Coordinator  Circuit 14
    (Bay, Gulf, Calhoun, Jackson, Washington, and Holmes Counties)

Christopher Bartlett

 Laurie Darmofal

 Crystal Cook

 Pamela Holloway

 Program Coordinator Circuit 1 Program Coordinator Circuit 1 Senior Victim Advocate Victim Advocate
(Walton and Okaloosa Counties)  (Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties) Circuit 14 Circuit 14

Nicole Maulden

 Maria Wilson

 Glenda Watson

 Caryl Marotta

Victim Advocate  Victim Advocate Victim Advocate Victim Advocate
Circuit 14  Circuit 14 Circuit 14 Circuit 14

 Ashley Kent

 Tatiana Johnson 

 Jennifer Luchak  

 Jordan Turner

 Outreach Specialist  Victim Advocate Victim Advocate Victim Advocate
 Circuit 14 Circuit 1 (Walton/Okaloosa) Circuit 1 (Walton/Okaloosa) Circuit 1 (Walton/Okaloosa)

 Paige Culver

 Crystal Johnson

 Allie McNay

 Sara Dreadin

 Victim Advocate Victim Advocate Victim Advocate Victim Advocate
 Circuit 1(Walton/Okaloosa) Circuit 1 (Walton/Okaloosa) Circuit 1 (Escambia/Santa Rosa) Circuit 1 (Escambia/Santa Rosa)

 Whitney Cook

 Ashley Johnson

 Desiree Cook

 Emily King

 Victim Advocate Victim Advocate Victim Advocate Outreach Specialist
 Circuit 1 (Escambia/Santa Rosa) Circuit 1 (Escambia/Santa Rosa) Circuit 1 (Escambia/Santa Rosa) Circuit 1 

 Louisa Lyster

 Kylee Hall

 Trauma Therapist Client Care Specialist  
 Circuit 1 Circuit 1   

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